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Posted on: March 2, 2017

Draft City Wish List for Avila Owned Property

Fenner Dunlop

  • Planned Master Development with City owned four (4) acres and Avila’s 13 acres-public/private partnership with either the City, Downtown Development Authority (DDA) or both
  • Architecture: Quality materials, architectural interest-expand on the Avondale Estates’ sense of place-not Tudor but compatible development and pedestrian oriented placement
  • Engage street frontage
  • Use machinery from Fenner Dunlop to enhance open spaces. There are several pieces from the factory stored at the Public Works Department’s facility
  • Street Grid: Maintain existing, and establish the street grid; add on-street parking
  • Parry Street extension from Laredo Dr. to Oak Street
  • Investigate green infrastructure options
  • Define consistent street treatment
  • Pedestrian Amenities: Establish pedestrian amenities such ADA compliant sidewalks, tree planting and street furniture zones and supplemental zones to accommodate public gathering; safe and aesthetically pleasing streets
    • Newly established sidewalks should connect to the existing infrastructure and the PATH
  • Existing Streets:
    • Laredo Drive
      • Gateway Feature/Design (Northern City Boundary)
      • Roundabout at Laredo Drive and Parry Street
      • Streetscape treatment along Laredo Drive from North Clarendon Avenue to the Northern City limit
    • Oak Street
      • Streetscape treatment along Oak Street from U.S. Highway 278 until its terminus to the North
  • Travel Modes:  Accommodate all travel modes
  • Housing: Expanded housing types
  • Uses:  Mix of residential, retail, restaurants and office space
    • Neighborhood shopping and dining-sit down restaurants
    • Commercial services convenient to City residents
    • Arts
  • Open Space: Usable, purposeful open space-town green accessible to all citizens, required open space by Avila open to all citizens
  • Walking path north of Avila development between development and train tracks
  • Detention Pond: Designed as usable open space.  Size pond to receive run-off from City-owned four (4) acres (possibly a larger catchment area with city contributing to pond costs, resulting in municipal stormwater structure)
  • Parking Deck:  Spaces for new development/allocated public parking-no surface lots
  • Signage:  Provide a cohesive signage package
  • Economic vitality
  • Develop project as closely as possible to zoning requirements to require least amount of variance requests
  • Highest and Best Uses-Based on Downtown Master Plan, specifically Schematic C or C.1.
  • Economic Projection for Schematics C and C.1, including possible municipal funding tools TAD, Abatement
  • Final report of findings
  • Public Meetings

Community Concerns

  • Highest and Best-Uses Based on Master Plan-Market Driven
  • Economic Projections
  • Site Planning/Layouts
  • Renderings
  • Final Report of Findings
  • Public Meetings
    • Number
    • Charrette Type or Presentation to BOMC only

View a PDF of the list here

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