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City of Avondale Estates Calendar

4th of July in Avondale Estates

Category: City of Avondale Estates Calendar
Date: Thursday, July 4, 2013 - All Day


4th of July in Avondale Estates!  


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July 4th Schedule of Events


Save the Grass at the Lake During the 4th of July Fireworks! 

Fireworks at Lake Avondale
Spectators marking their location for the 4th of July activities at Lake Avondale are asked to please not use tarps or sheets. The tarps or sheets within a matter of hours will kill the grass because of the heat and sun.Please do not mark a location before Thursday, July 4th, as City personnel will be doing maintenance around the lake.
Thank you so much for keeping our lake beautiful.
Intermittent Warning Blasts of Fireworks for the Ducks

For an hour preceding the actual fireworks display, there will be intermittent warning blasts of fireworks for the ducks, so they will not be frightened when the actual fireworks display occurs.

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