Downtown Development Design Ideas

The Board of Mayor and Commissioners (BOMC) announced they were looking for design ideas for the approximate four acres of City-owned land in the downtown area. Those interested in submitting an idea were asked to first notify City Manager Clai Brown of their intent. At that time, candidates received a number that was placed on all submitted design ideas. The deadline for submissions was Wednesday, June 7, at 3 p.m. Twelve numbers were given; ten submissions were received. 

At the BOMC Special Called Work Session on Downtown Development held on Monday, June 12, the design concepts were reviewed. Below are the ten design ideas. 
                                      Downtown Development Design Ideas  
 Design Idea 1  Design Idea 7
 Design Idea 2  Design Idea 9
 Design Idea 3  Design Idea 10
 Design Idea 4  Design Idea 11
 Design Idea 6  Design Idea 12

Public Input Needed-Survey

The BOMC and the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) are seeking public input on the submitted design ideas. The community is invited to review each design idea and offer input on what they like and don't like about the submitted ideas via this survey. The design ideas can be viewed in person at City Hall, 21 North Avondale Plaza.