DeKalb Watershed Proposed Water Main Replacement

Many residents and property owners have received letters notifying them of a proposed project by DeKalb Watershed Management to upgrade and replace the water main along Lakeshore Drive. The City of Avondale Estates is in contact DeKalb Watershed Management officials to discuss the scope of the project and answer the many questions residents have about this proposed project. In response to questions from residents and the City of Avondale Estates, DeKalb Watershed Management provided the following answers to these questions regarding a proposed water main and replacement project.

  • How long is this project going to take? Land acquisition will take up to one year. The actual construction project will take a year and a half. Community meetings will be held the closer we get to the start of construction and throughout the construction period.
  • How will it be done? The County will advertise the project for bid and award to one contractor. Sequencing of work will be determined once the contractor is on board. Typically, the contractor starts at one end of the project and installs pipe in a linear fashion to the end of the job while testing the pipe and paving as required.
  • When will the project start? Estimated within the next 5 years pending funding availability.
  • Will residents be out of water for periods of time, if so how long and when? Yes, for a short period of time (typically less than 4 hours). The temporary outage is done to put the new line in service.
  • Will residents have to move out while this project is completed? No.
  • Has this been done someplace else in DeKalb County by the same companies? Yes.
    • How was that handled? Community meetings informing the public of the disruption and the project. Notifications of any direct impacts to owner by door hangers. If a water outage is to occur, we required a 72 notice to the owner prior to disrupting service.
  • Does this involve the sewer lines coming out of our houses or running down the street? No.
  • Does this mean moving the meters further into the property than they are now? No. We will only change out the meter and not relocate the meter.