Why are these projects good for the City? As a resident, what’s in it for me?

These projects are consistent with the Downtown Master Plan, a vision created over many years with lots of community input. The parking deck will provide long-term parking solutions for the downtown and is pivotal to enabling these public-private partnerships to move forward. 

The advantages of these developments to the City are multi-faceted. 

All three projects are:   

  • Place makers: high-quality projects built to be enjoyed by residents and visitors alike that activate and energize the downtown. 
  • Revenue generators: projects that will diversify the City’s tax base so less of the City’s tax burden will be carried by single-family residential properties.    

The Town Green Market Development: 
  • Sets the tone for architectural quality in the downtown.  
  • Attracts the kinds of restaurants and retail that will activate the Town Green and the remainder of the downtown.

The Townhome Community: 
  • Activates the park with people and businesses day and night. 
  • Diversifies housing and office options available in the City. 
  • Adds to the customer base to support desired retail.  

The Boutique Hotel: 

  • Creates a built-in, captured customer base to support retail and drive spending in our business district. 
  • Provides multiple sources of revenue through property and hotel taxes.

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1. The BOMC and the DDA have been regularly meeting in executive sessions. Why?
2. Why have you waited to inform the community?
3. What are the proposals?
4. Why are these projects good for the City? As a resident, what’s in it for me?
5. Is there a hotel group associated with the boutique hotel and why 80 to 82 rooms?
6. Is this a done deal?
7. Why is the BOMC presenting these options now?
8. Who is approving the design of these buildings?
9. What about Finders Keepers and Edwin Jarvis? 
10. What are the financial implications?
11. How are you going to fund a parking deck that is reserved for the public?
12. What other public investments are needed for the Town Green Market Development?
13. Are the live-work units going to require a public investment?
14. Does the hotel need additional public investment?
15. What is the proposed structure for these public-private partnerships?
16. What is the projected schedule?