Reserve a Tennis Court

Avondale Estates uses Reserve My Court to manage the City's tennis courts with a user-friendly interface and a secure way to maintain records, schedules and histories. 

The web-based app requires users to sign up for a free account. Once registered, users will find a variety of features that can be used to make, update and cancel reservations, create teams, communicate with other teammates or opponents, and receive updates in the event of maintenance delays or closures. Additionally, the app prevents double bookings and creates a wait list when needed. Families can use the same account, as the app allows someone to add additional users to his or her account. Frequent users can download the Reserve My Court app from the Apple or Google stores or continue to utilize the web-based interface. 

Once registered, users will need to enter their home address regardless of whether they live inside or outside of the City to access a pull-down list of nearby clubs and facilities. To utilize the City tennis courts, connect to “Avondale Estates Public Courts.” This dashboard will provide access to all available features to reserve a court for either tennis or pickleball. 

Please remember: 

1. The Tennis Courts at Willis Park are free of charge and available to both residents and non-residents for tennis and pickleball activities. Teaching professionals/coaches who charge for lessons must have a business license from the City of Avondale Estates.

2. While reservations are not required, reservations made through the Reserve My Court app should be respected and honored.

3. Court reservations can be made for no more than a two-hour block. Residents may reserve courts one week in advance while non-residents may reserve courts two days in advance.

4. Reservations can only be made one at a time with a second reservation able to be made after the first reservation time has passed.

5. If you have not claimed your court within 10 minutes of your reservation, someone else can use the court and you forfeit your time.

If you have questions or concerns using the system, send a message here.