City Moves to Curbside Sanitation Service

Starting Monday, Oct. 2, 2023, the city asks all residents in single-family homes to bring their trash receptacles to the curb for pickup.

Residents who cannot perform this task may apply to maintain back door pickup by filling out the Special Assistance Request for Backdoor Sanitation Pickup.

No changes are happening to the schedule and frequency of sanitation services – residents will still receive pick-up twice a week on the same days that they normally receive service. 

This change in service will create efficiency for the city allowing staff to devote time to other needed public works tasks, and as important if not more so, it will help improve the morale and physical well-being of staff.

See Info on New Fall 2023 Yard Waste and Leaf Collection Pickup Schedule Below

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    City Moves to Curbside Sanitation Pickup

    At the Sept. 27 Board of Mayor and Commissioners meeting, Mayor Elmore announced the change to curbside sanitation pickup starting Monday, Oct. 2. Read more...
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Sanitation Guidelines

  • Items should be at the curb ready for sanitation collection by 7 a.m.
  • All garbage should be bagged and securely tied and closed.
  • No yard waste should be in plastic bags.
  • Containers should not exceed 32 gallons.
  • Building materials, stumps, dirt, rocks, concrete products, automobile bodies and parts, tires, paint, oil and other liquids, and feces will not be picked up by the city. Return used tires to the dealer.
  • Paint cans are picked up only in gallon containers. Cans must be filled with cat litter so there is no remaining liquid.
  • Leaves must be kept separate from other yard debris and other items for pick up at the curb by leaf vacuum equipment.
  • Logs or tree limbs must be no longer than three (3) feet, and not more than four (4) inches in diameter and stacked neatly at the curb. This material will be collected as rapidly as possible.
  • Trees, bushes or other vegetation from commercial tree trimmers, landscapers or building contractors will not be picked up by the city.
  • Debris will not be picked up from vacant lots unless a sanitation tax is paid to the city.
  • Residents may request curbside collection of bulky items for a fee of $50 for the first ton and $50 for each additional ton. Special pickups occur on Wednesdays. The Special Pickup Request form and complete payments must be received by noon on Tuesdays for Wednesday pickup.

Special Pickup Requests

Residents of the City of Avondale Estates may request curbside collection of bulky items for a fee of $50 for the first ton and $50 for each additional ton. Acceptance of the Special Pickup Request is not automatic.

Please note that donation, reuse or repurposing is encouraged before using disposal through this service.

  • Special pickup occurs on Wednesdays.
  • Fill out a Special Pickup Request form and complete payments by noon on Tuesdays for Wednesday pickup. 
  • All items must be placed at the curb. 
  • Building materials, stumps, dirt, rocks, concrete products, automobile bodies and parts (including tires), paint, oil, other liquids and feces will not be picked up by the city. 
  • Refrigerator doors must be removed. 
  • Small, deceased animals must be wrapped in plastic bags. 

2024 Holiday Sanitation Schedule 1st Quarter

Date of Holiday Observance Date of Rescheduled Pickup*
New Year's, Monday, Jan. 1 Tuesday, Jan. 2 – entire city picked up
Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Monday, Jan. 15 Tuesday, Jan. 16 – entire city picked up
Presidents Day, Monday, Feb. 19 Tuesday, Feb. 20 – entire city picked up

*Every intention will be made to pick up the entire city pending issues with crew, equipment or weather.

Residential Sanitation Pickup Schedule

Items should be ready for collection by 7 a.m.
Mon. & Thu. Collection        
Berkeley Rd.
Bromley Rd. Chatsworth Dr. Charlbury Place Chelsea Ct.
Clarendon Ave.
Clarendon Place Coventry Close Covington Hwy. Dartmouth Ave.
Devon Ln. Dunwick Dr. Exeter Rd. Fairfield Dr. Fairfield Plaza
Franklin St. Hampshire Ct. Kensington Rd.
Kingstone Rd.
Locust St.
Majestic Circle
Maple St. Nottingham Dr. Oak St. Olive St.
Reese Way S. Avondale Rd. Stratford Rd.
Sutton Place Sussex Rd.
Washington St. Wiltshire Dr.(3-69;
3122, 3132-3316)
Wynn Dr.    
Items should be ready for collection by 7 a.m.
Tue. & Fri. Collection        
Ashton Pl. Banbury Cross Berkeley Rd. Berkeley Village Clarendon Ave.
(2-40, 42)
Covington Rd. Hess Dr. Kensington Rd.
Kingstone Rd.
Lakeshore Dr.
Lakeshore Plaza Lakeview Place Majestic Circle
Melford Place Oakham Place
Old Rockbridge Rd. N. Clarendon Rd. S. Avondale Plaza Stratford Green
Stratford Rd.
Viscount Ct. Windsor Terrace Wilshire Dr.
(73-3117; 3123)
Windsor Walk  

NOTE: Sanitation pickup at commercial locations occurs either four days a week or one day a week depending upon the amount of service paid for in the commercial location's business license.

New Yard Waste Pickup Schedule Fall 2023

brown yard waste bags with rake on top

This fall, the city is testing a new street zone system for yard waste pickup. Dividing the city into zones allows the sanitation team to spread the pickups throughout the week and provide more efficient sanitation, yard waste and leaf collection services. If possible, please keep cars off the streets on yard waste pickup days to assist with leaf collection and street sweeping. 

The city appreciates your help and flexibility during this trial run. Please be patient as the team balances sanitation and yard waste pickup.

Yard Waste and Leaf Collection Schedule

Zone 1 - Monday Zone 2 - Tuesday Zone 3 - Wednesday Zone 4 - Thursday Zone 5 - Friday
Clarendon Place Banbury Cross Berkeley Rd.
(Avondale Estates)
Ashton Pl. Berkeley Rd.
Coventry Close Hess Dr. Clarendon Ave. Berkeley Village Bromley Rd.
Dartmouth Ave. Lakeshore Dr.
(Majestic to Hess)
Kingstone Rd. Center St. Charlbury Place
Exeter Rd. Majestic Circle Lakeshore Dr.
(Wiltshire to Covington)
Covington Hwy. Chatsworth Dr.
Fairfield Dr. Nottingham Dr. Lakeshore Plaza Elm St. Dunwick Dr.
Fairfield Plaza Stratford Rd. Lakeview Place Franklin St.  
S. Avondale Rd. Viscount Ct. S. Avondale Plaza Kensington Rd..  
Sussex Rd. Wiltshire Dr.
to Nottingham)
  Lake St.  
Wiltshire Dr.
(Forest Hill 
to Lakeshore)
Wynn Dr.   Laredo Dr.  
      Locust St.  
      Maple St.  
      Melford Pl.  
      N. Clarendon Ave.  
      Oak St.  
      Oakham Pl.  
      Olive St.  
      Parry St.  
      Pine St.  
      Potter Ave.  
      Stratford Green
      Washington St.  
      Windsor Terrace