Proposed Development Projects Adjacent to Town Green

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During the past several months, the Board of Mayor and Commissioners (BOMC) and the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) have received multiple development proposals on land owned by the City and/or DDA that is adjacent to the Town Green.  

The City built the Town Green to enhance the quality of life of Avondale Estates’ residents. City leaders also intended for the Town Green to act as a catalyst for high-quality development throughout the downtown that would:  
  • diversify the City’s tax base,  
  • reduce the burden on single-family residential homes as the primary source of City revenue, and  
  • position Avondale Estates as a primary destination within the Atlanta metropolitan area for dining, retail and entertainment.  

After careful vetting, the BOMC and DDA have decided to move forward with three development proposals that that will help the City realize the vision of its Downtown Master Plan.

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