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Street Banner Request

  1. The purpose of the City of Avondale Estates Banner Policy is to allow the placement of banners at select locations owned by the city. The purpose of the banner program is to allow for the promotion of community events and other cultural or recreational activities of benefit to the city. The city reserves the right to determine whether a banner is eligible for placement on city streets or in designated locations under this policy. The city is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged banners after they are hung.

    Banners are required to be 6' wide by 3' tall and have grommets for attachment. Banners are allowed to be in place for a two-week period.

    Banners must be picked up from City Hall no later than five business days after the removal date or the banners will be disposed of or recycled.

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  3. No more than two weeks can be requested. Banners are installed no earlier than two weeks prior to an event.
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