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Public Works Application


  1. 1. Instructions and Information
  2. 2. Personal Information
  3. 3. Skills and Experience
  4. 4. Education and Training
  5. 5. Employment History
  6. 6. General Background
  7. 7. References
  8. 8. Disclaimer & Signature
  • Instructions and Information

    1. Completing the Application
      Follow all instructions shown on the application. If you need more space, attach additional sheets. All applications must be completed in full. A resume may be attached to provide additional information but does not take the place of completing the application itself. A complete and accurate application is essential since this is the primary source used for determining your qualifications. The completed application form must include a minimum of three references.
    2. Advertising Vacancies
      Department heads or supervisors are responsible for notifying the City Manager when authorized positions in their departments may become vacant as soon as they have such knowledge. The City Manager conducts such programs of advertising and recruitment as are necessary in order to provide applicants for the position who meet established employment standards. Announcements of vacancies will specify the title and salary range of the vacant position, any minimum qualification requirements, manner of making application, the final date on which applications will be received, and other pertinent information.
    3. Job Requirements
      Please note the education and/or experience requirements listed in the Vacancy/Recruitment Announcement for the job(s) which interest you. These are minimum standards which all applicants must meet in order to be considered for employment. The City Manager or other designated employee may remove from further consideration the application of an applicant who (1) does not meet the minimum qualifications established for the position; (2) has previously been separated from the city with cause or with prejudice; (3) has made false statements of material fact in his or her application; (4) has been convicted of a felony; or (5) has failed to submit his application within the prescribed time limit.

      It is the policy of the City of Avondale Estates to prevent conflicts of interest and to avoid the appearance of impropriety in the municipal workforce. Accordingly, the City shall not employ any member of the immediate family of a current employee. In addition, no member of the immediate family of a person who is elected or appointed to the board of mayor and commissioners shall be eligible for compensated employment in any capacity with the city or to enter into a compensated contractual relationship in any capacity with the City during such person’s service as a member of the board of mayor and commissioners and for a period of three years thereafter. Nor shall any person who is elected or appointed to the board of mayor and commissioners be eligible for compensated employment in any capacity with the City or to enter into a compensated contractual relationship in any capacity with the city during his or her service in such office and for a period of three years thereafter. Immediate family means parents, spouse, children (adopted or natural) and stepchildren, brothers or sisters, grandparents, grandchildren, parents-in-law, sisters/brothers-in-law, aunts, uncles, nieces, and nephews.
    4. Employment Policy
      It is our policy that employment decisions are made on the basis of merit and fitness for the position. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. All employees are required to provide proof of identity and authorization of employability at time of appointment (e.g., driver’s license or state-issued picture identification and original social security card or birth certificate).
    5. Applicant Procedure
      1. A completed application must be received or postmarked by the established closing date as stated on the Vacancy/Re cruitment Announcement. Materials relevant to the application process will not be accepted via FAX.

      2. If the position requires a test, you will be notified by mail as to the date, time, and place to appear.

      3. Every application received by the established closing date is reviewed for minimum qualifications and competitiveness by appropriate city staff.

      4. You will be notified in writing regarding the status of your application.
    6. Interviews and Offer of Employment
      1. In order to avoid negligent hiring so as to protect the safety of all associates, criminal record checks may be made. Facts such as recency and rehabilitation will be considered before a decision is made by the City Manager to disqualify an applicant on the basis of a criminal record which is relevant to the position sought. All applicants who will operate City vehicles must have a valid and appropriate class driver’s license and have no convictions for DUI, suspended license, or serious moving violations on their records for five (5) years prior to the date of application.

      2. Applicants meeting the employment standards for the position will be interviewed by the appropriate supervisor/department head and the City Manager.

      3. The City Manager has final authority relative to the hiring of all City Associates and will notify the candidate selected for the position. Those candidates who are interviewed but not selected are also informed of the hiring decision.

      4. All offers of employment are contingent upon successful completion of a physical examination and drug test as prescribed by the City. All applicants who are hired will be on probationary status (working test period) for at least six months. The City Manager, at the supervisor’s request, may extend the working test period for up to six additional months. Associates in a working test period status do not have appeal rights unless there is alleged discrimination because of race, age, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, or any other characteristic protected by law.
    7. Your interest in employment with the City of Avondale Estates is appreciated. Should you have a change of address or phone number, let us know.

      Note: Resumes, letters of reference, etc., submitted with the application become property of the City of Avondale Estates and cannot be returned.
    8. I have read the above instructions and policies. *