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Road Closure Request Form

  1. Contact Details
  2. Request must be submitted at least 7 days in advance of closure.

  3. If dates have to be changed outside of the requested dates, a new application must be made.

  4. Officers Required and Payment

    The City holds to the right to determine the total number of officers needed for any road closures based on public safety concerns.

    If determined or requested that officer(s) are needed, the rate is $50 an hour with a minimum of four (4) hours. If a project runs over the estimated time, the applicant must pay for the additional time at the rate of $50 an hour.

    Pay is expected on the day of work, unless otherwise negotiated prior to the date of the closure. 

  5. 4. Are you requesting police officers to provide traffic control?*
  6. b. Form of Payment?
  7. c. Is the officer required to become a 1099 contracted employee for this project?
  8. 5. Location
  9. 7. Is this a partial or full road closure? *
  10. 8. Is a detour required for a project? *
  11. 10. Are signs and/ or barricades required for the road closure? *
  12. Who is providing signs and/or barricades for the closure?*
  13. 11. If closures affect U.S. Hwy 278 (E. College, N. Avondale Rd., Covington Hwy.) in any way, has GDOT approved the request? *
  14. Cancelation of project date(s) must be made 48 hours prior to the requested date or vendor will have to pay the officer(s) the minimum of $50 an hour for 4 hours ($200) to all that have been scheduled.
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