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E-News Submission Form

  1. Deadlines

    Articles for E-News must be submitted by the Friday before noon to ensure there is enough time to include the item. Questions? Please contact Ellen Powell at

  2. Submissions should be between 100 and 200 words. No flyers or heavy text graphics will be accepted. These should be written in article format, preferably Associated Press style, which will mean leaving out personal pronouns like "I," "we" and "us." News items should be limited to events and activities in Avondale Estates.

  3. Please provide the link to a website or social media event or page providing more information.

  4. Please tell us who people can contact for more information and how should they be contacted (email and/or phone).

  5. E-News is sent on Mondays each week. No article may run more than two weeks.

  6. If you are including a photo or graphic, please ensure you have the rights to use it. Photos should be high resolution. 

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